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Legal Experience

Judge Cousins was elected to the bench in November of 2018. She currently serves as the District & Special Circuit Judge in Jefferson County Family Court. Judge Cousins began her term early to due to a huge backlog of over 3800 pending cases with new ones coming in every day. With an average case load for most Judges ranging between 500- 600 cases, Judge Cousins faced a challenging court upon arrival. With a strong commitment to serve her community, a dedication to give parties and attorneys some relief, through personal sacrifice and help from some volunteers, Judge Cousins now has the case load operating within normal range.

Given her vast experience of over 30 years in family law, Judge Cousins is the most experienced and qualified to continue to serve the citizens of Jefferson County as District Judge in Family Court. Judge Cousins is committed to protecting our children and families from physical, sexual and emotional abuse. She is committed to placing children in safe and loving environments. During her first term in office, Judge Cousins has significantly reduced the courtís backlog. In 2021, the National Judicial College in Reno Nevada selected Judge Cousins to lead a group of judges from around the country in legal discussions nearly two weeks. Judge Cousins also serves as a speaker for the National Business Institute teaching attorneys various matters in Family Law. Even in the height of COVID, Judge Cousins continued to hold in person hearing every week. She is committed to providing fairness and justice. In 2022, Judge Cousins was the recipient of the Minority Business Award For Justice.

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Judge Cousins Continued Commitment

The judicial impartiality of Judge Cousins extends to all individuals who appear before her in the courtroom. She displays a respectful demeanor towards everyone, and dutifully fulfills her obligation to serve the citizens of Jefferson County with integrity and sincerity.

The Right Values for Justice

Judge Cousins believes in the values and work ethic she inherited from her parents and grandparents. Judge Cousins is among those who believe the Constitution is a vault into which the founders deposited our principles of government, and no judge should use the Court to implement his personal beliefs or agenda. She believes upholding the Constitution means enforcing our laws as they are written, not legislating from the bench. Judge Cousins believes that everyone should be entitled to their day in court, and judges should treat all who come to court with fairness.


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