Legal Experience

With 26 years of experience in family law, Pamela is clearly the best and most qualified to serve as the next Family Court Judge. Pamela has a genuine concern for our children. "Count on Cousins" to make sure our children are placed in safe environments, that child support is calculated correctly, that parents understand documents they are asked to sign and that each parent gets its rightful visitation with their children.

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Pamela Cousins


The Alabama Democratic Conference (ADC)

Jefferson County Citizen's Coalition

Alabama New South Coalition, Jefferson County Chapter

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

Iron Workers Local No. 92

Central Alabama Labor Federation

United Mine Workers of America, District 20

United People's Campaign

Judicial Recommendation

Pamela's name has been recommended to the Governor of Alabama by the Judicial Commission of the Birmingham Bar Association as a temporary replacement to fill the unexpired term of the previous judge.

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Pamela Cousins for Judge

Pamela's Commitment

Pamela will be fair to all that enter the courtroom, will treat everyone with respect, and will serve the citizens of Jefferson County with integrity.

The Right Values for Justice

Pamela believes in the values and work ethic she inherited from her parents and grandparents. Pamela is among those who believe the Constitution is a vault into which the founders deposited our principles of government, and no judge should use the Court to implement his personal beliefs or agenda. She believes upholding the Constitution means enforcing our laws as they are written, not legislating from the bench. Pamela believes that everyone should be entitled to their day in court, and judges should treat all who come to court with respect.

Pamela Cousins for Judge